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Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Wastewater Sludge: A Practical Guideline Popular

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Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Wastewater Sludge: A Practical Guideline

About: The Anaerobic Digestion Guideline is a practical guideline for wastewater practitioners and managers involved in the planning, design, operation, maintenance and management of WWTW. The guideline is based on the premise of the American “Capable Plant” concept which demonstrates a holistic management process for the beneficial use of biosolids and biogas naturally generated during the anaerobic digestion process. The Guideline will form the basis of a series of training and capacity building events for municipalities offered through WISA.

Disclaimer: The use of the Guideline is restricted to private use and may not be used for income generation purposes. Should any content be cited from the guideline, kindly acknowledge the authors and GIZ as publisher. The content of the guideline has been compiled by subject matter experts, peer reviewed by sector experts and tested during three pilot training sessions in municipalities. Although every effort has been taken to ensure the correctness of the content, GIZ-SAGEN, the authors and peer reviewers are not liable for any damages caused by the use of the content of the Guideline.

Author: WaterGroup Holdings

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